Our Beginning

In September of 1966, Alberta and Walter Ingram founded Ingram's Nursery And Kindergarten in Eatonville, Florida. Operating out of their family home, the school opened its doors with just four preschool students.

With a desire to be independent and self employed, Mrs. Ingram created an environment of love and learning for young children. For more than 25 years she educated and inspired students who were destined for leadership. Mrs. Ingram received numerous educational awards during her many years of service, and she served on the Orange County Education Advisory Board for more than 15 years. She was also voted as "Top 25 Entrepreneurs" by the Orlando Sentinel and "Consultant of the Year" in 1982.

In 1995, Mrs. Alberta Ingram retired from the industry due to health challenges but she continued on as a consultant for preschools in her area. She will always be remembered as a "pioneer" who spent her life doing exactly what she loved..... Educating Children.

Present Day

In November 1996, Ingram's Nursery And Kindergarten relocated to a 4.2 acre campus in Orlando, Florida. With the addition of the Elementary Department, the school's name changed to Ingram's Academy to reflect the growing services of the school and its educational philosophy.

Presently, Ingram's Academy serves over 105 students daily and remains committed to progressive education for a variety of age groups. Our school continues to develop well-rounded students who are prepared for the world that awaits them. In August 2012, the first graduating class from the Orlando campus entered their first year of college. Please visit the alumni section of our website to see what areas of education some of our graduates are pursuing.